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High-quality linings for exceptional projects

No matter how special your requirements are, we can manufacture the linings you need. Almost two decades of know-how in the production of linings using synthetic resin and natural rubber guarantee the highest quality. Everything that is put in motion has to be able to be stopped. Individual requirements in the mechanical engineering industry are as specific as those in medical technology, household appliances or the automotive industry.

Our engineers are invaluable when it comes to ensuring that linings in healthcare facilities guarantee high precision locking technology and doors and drawer elements slip into position gently and precisely. PZ Friction develops the individual lining compound and supports you throughout the entire project. Our consulting services have two goals: increasing product benefits while reducing costs.

The same applies if you are developing a new lift system and need innovative stop brakes. Our team can provide extensive advice in this regard and demonstrate what we mean by made in Germany from prototype development to production, namely high technical performance in its most effective form.

When it comes to vehicle technology, we demonstrate how technical consulting and our comprehensive awareness of the issues result in excellent brake linings. We provide special series for special requirements. Our high-tech laboratories and test stands provide the foundation for our promise of quality. And if you have to bridge a surprising bottleneck as the system manufacturer, then PZ Friction is your solution. We implement your requests quickly and at the highest quality. With us you can produce small batches in the blink of an eye.

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