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Added value

When we talk about value at PZ Friction, it’s not just a word, but a real demand that we have of ourselves. We are one of the very few highly specialized manufacturers in Germany of linings that are as individual as the demands of our clients. This speciality requires a lot of know-how and flexibility. In the many decades of our existence, our staff have acquired compelling knowledge in the field. They are professional and reliable in the use of this knowledge. PZ Friction does not place emphasis on finding hasty solutions, but on a product that is designed with care and produced for sustainable applications.


The right environment for unique ideas and our production is extremely important. In order to ensure this, we require a high degree of social competence and reliability of all our employees. Flat hierarchies allow all PZ Friction employees, from management to factory workers, to communicate with one another quickly and easily. This exchange also makes it possible to quickly put our developments in production. Our project management is designed to present unique ideas our customers, which make their products even better. If you are facing major challenges, we look forward to creating new value together with you.

We want your success. Challenge us. Write us an email. Call and arrange an appointment.