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Special-purpose linings

Rapid development of customized linings is our speciality. Will bring the word “solution” to life. If you have a problem choosing the right brake or glide lining, our experts can solve it. We’ll find the perfect mix. And our production is reliable and fast.

We collaborate closely with you and analyse your requirement profile and then develop two prototypes in different extremely high-quality grades. We use top-notch raw materials, which also guarantee a final product of the same quality. In the following project phase, we determine the most efficient lining for your product together. Our professionals then provide support throughout each of the subsequent project phases. The entire development and production process is carried out at our site in Nettersheim in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. This is where we set the standards. This is where we manufacture the finest special series, which are a far cry from conventional linings.

As a system manufacturer, you also benefit from your right to exclusive quality and PZ Friction provides you with customer protection. Our communication and decision-making processes are short and effective, thus allowing us to quickly implement your requirements by optimizing development times. You can expect your required lining on rolls or plates, in segments, rings or planed units. You can look forward to your own individual series. Contact us.